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  Washington, DC   May 30 - June 2, 2024 (Tentative Dates) Trip ID 209956
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I am excited to announce that for the 33rd year I will lead a trip to Washington, D.C.
I am accepting registrations at this time.  The trip has been known to fill quickly.  Reservations are made on a first deposit basis.  I will begin accepting starting today.  Plan to pay your $99 per person registration the night of the meeting to guarantee your place.   The deposit is applied to the trip fee.  Once you pay the $99 deposit, PER PERSON,  the trip fee is reduced by $99.  If you want to purchase CANCELLATION INSURANCE you MUST indicate that at the time of registration.  The cost is $265 per person.   Estimated trip fees are listed below.     Feel free to call 225-803-6013 or email if you have questions.          


Estimated* Trip Fees PER PERSON are listed below these prices are based on the number of people sharing a room and reaching the listed quota. 
If there are fewer travelers, the price will be adjusted accordingly.


4 to a room (quad occupancy) prices:

Prices below are per person based on a group of 35 or more travelers
     $1899 Early Bird price before 6/5/2023     After Early Registration the cost is $1944           

2 to a room (double) occupancy) prices:
Prices below are per person based on a group of 35 or more travelers
$2103 Early Bird price before 6/5/2023      After Early Registration the cost is $2248  

Below  is the estimated* supplement for a group less than 35.
30-34 paying  +  $63 per person                                    21 paying + $249                   16 paying + $446

28-29 paying  +  $92 per person                                    20 paying + $280                   15 paying + $501

26-27 paying  + $128 per person                                   19 paying + $315     

24-25 paying  + $170 per person                                   18 paying + $354

22-23 paying  + $220 per person                                   17 paying + $397 
*As the number of travelers decreases the supplemental fee continues to increase

*Should the group become too small to travel as a private group (for pricing or other reasons), there is usually an option to join another group which may require some date flexibility.

Additional costs PER PERSON for optional rooming occupancy
ingle room price add $607 to the base price.
Double room price add $304 (per person)  to the base price.

Triple room price add $202  (per person) to the base price.

IMPORTANT:  Come prepared to register.   Travelers who register before June 5, 2023 are eligible for the listed Early Bird prices.  Anyone who registers on the meeting night will receive an additional discount.   PS...Bring Social Security Number for all travelers.
***Cancellation insurance is available for an additional $265 charge per person.   (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) Insurance MUST be requested when registering.


   The trip fee covers all the following expenses:


***Daily buffet breakfast is served at the hotel. 

***Dinner locations vary according to our daily schedule.

***ROUND TRIP FLIGHT...Departure usually from Baton Rouge


    ...See sample itinerary.

***Night Tours and One Night Special Entertainment

***GROUP TOUR GUIDE:  A licensed guide will remain with our group during our entire stay in Washington, D.C.  The guide plans our day so that we can see everything possible during our stay.  Our guide gives us a "preview" of the sights of the day as we ride our bus driven by a professional bus driver.

***ROOMS:  Rooms are generally blocked together.  Children share a room with a supervising adult.  You may indicate your preference of roommates.  If you do not have roommates, I will try to match you with roommates.  However; your final cost will be based on your rooming setup. 


***PAYMENT:  $99 deposit ($49 if you are participating in Early Bird registration) is required at the time of registration.  There are options for paying the balance.  Credit cards are accepted.  Remember it is our goal to reach 35 participants so that we will receive the best possible rate.  You can help by encouraging friends and relatives to participate. ***OPTIONAL INSURANCE is available at a cost of $265 per person.  


****This meeting is intended to share information about the trip with parents and other interested adult travelers.  Even if you are unsure about traveling, please join us to learn more about this unique educational opportunity.  Interested adult friends and relatives are invited to attend the meeting.

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Sample Itinerary

Day 1

  5:45   Arrived Baton Rouge Airport

 11:15 Departed Atlanta 

 11:55  Arrived DC area airport

  1:30   Boarded tour bus and met our guide  

  2:00   Lunch stop. 

  2:30   Departed for Mount Vernon

  3:00   We toured Mount Vernon, Washington’s home, Washington’s tomb and gift shop.        

  4:50   Boarded bus and passed Fort Washington on our way to Old Town Alexandria.  During

            our drive through Old Town,  the church that George Washington attended. 

  5:30   Dinner 

  6:30  Departed for a tour of the capitol. In the capitol we gazed at the rotunda, visited

            Statuary Hall, the House and the Senate. 

  8:05   We stopped at the Archives where we saw the Constitution, the Declaration of
            Independence and the Magna Carta. 

  8:35   Visited Korean War Memorial, viewed the Reflecting Pool before counting the steps to

            the 19 foot Lincoln Memorial.  We looked at Lincoln from both sides, found an error on
           the wall and checked the back of Lincoln’s head. 

            Next we saw the Vietnam Wall and stopped at the Women’s War Memorial. 

 9:50   Picture stop on Einstein’s lap. 

10:35  Arrived at our hotel     

Day 2

 7:00    Wake up call

 8:00    Breakfast at hotel

 8:30    Departed for city

 9:00    Arrived in the city

 9:30    Visited the Library of Congress

10:00   Picture stop at the Supreme Court

11:15   Lunch

12:20   Walked to the mall where we spent 3 hours between the American History Smithsonian

            and the Natural History Smithsonian.  Did you take a picture of the Hope Diamond?

  2:45   Off to the National Cathedral

  5:15   Departed the cathedral for dinner  

  5:30   Dinner Italian restaurant Alfio’s       

  6:30   Off to the Washington Monument       

  7:00   Washington Monument...555 feet

  8:00   Jefferson Memorial
  8:30   FDR Memorial

  9:15   Foyer & Hall of Flags Kennedy Center
           Watergate is across the street.

  9:55   Iwo Jima (Marine Corp) Memorial   

10:45   Returned to hotel

Day 3

 7:00    Wake up call

  8:00   Breakfast at hotel 

  9:30   Gift shopping near Ford’s Theater

10:35   In Arlington Cemetery, we saw the home of Robert E. Lee, the graves of John F.

            Kennedy and Robert Kennedy.  Then after the Changing of the Guard,  4 group

            members placed a wreathe at the Tomb of the Unknowns. 

  1:00   Subway ride to Pentagon City for lunch

  2:15   Passed the Pentagon on the way to The Shrine of the Immaculate Conception

  2:45   Shrine of the Immaculate Conception

  5:15   Off to night entertainment

  6:15   Arrived dinner theater for 8pm production of Lil Abner

10:15   Departed theater

11:45   Arrived at hotel

Day 4

 7:00    Wake up call

 7:45    Bags on bus

            Breakfast at hotel

 8:15    Departed for city

 9:00    Ford’s Theater, where Lincoln was shot and then Petersen House where Lincoln died.

10:40   White House Visitor’s Center 

11:20   White House picture stop

  1:00   Lunch and Air and Space Smithsonian

 2:30    Departed for DC area airport

 4:10    Departed DC    

 6:12    Arrived Atlanta

 7:40    Departed Atlanta

 8:14    Arrived in Baton Rouge


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